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A Promise We Can't Afford to Forget

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The other morning, I woke with a wave of angst and insecurity, overwhelmed by the demands of the day. Commitments I had made weeks before were mounting, and the sense of worry and dread consumed me. I was anxious, insecure, and unsure of how the day would go.

The kids were still asleep, so I went downstairs to pray. As I watched the skyline brighten with the rising sun, my mind quickly recalled three Biblical characters: Moses, Gideon, and Mary. Initially, the thought seemed random and arbitrary. Yet, I soon recalled a striking similarity among the three characters -- their own sense of insecurity.

To God’s call, they all replied: “HOW is this going to happen? I don’t have what it takes.”

  • Moses said, Who am I to go to Pharaoh? I am slow of speech and tongue.

  • Gideon replied, How can I save Israel? I am the weakest in my father’s house.

  • Mary pleaded, How will I give birth to the Christ, since I am a virgin?

And it was these questions, supported by their perceived inabilities and weaknesses, that made them want to run AWAY from God’s call.

As I thought about these characters, another striking similarity came to mind -- not regarding their response to God, but regarding God’s promise to them. With that realization, I felt this same promise may be what the Holy Spirit was whispering into my ear that morning.

The promise? I am WITH YOU!

And as much as I treasure God’s response, I also revel in what He did NOT say to these fearful characters. He did not respond to their insecurities with a list of their strengths - their mental aptitude, Strengthsfinder results, or enneagram number!

In fact, God spoke nothing about their ability! Nothing. He assured them with something far greater - something that would carry them through the challenges that inevitably come with following God’s plan. He promised them His presence.

In that moment, I saw my own heart in theirs -- their weakness, their questioning, their fear. Not only that, God‘s response to them gave me something on which to harness my thoughts that morning:

The answer to my insecurity is never my sufficiency. The answer to insecurity is in His sufficiency -- His presence with me.

With that promise, I sensed my racing mind settle into rest and my fears dissolve into His faithfulness.

Today, could your burdens be lifted with a reminder that He is with you? His empowering presence - not just in the church service, the small group, or devotion time -- He is WITH YOU always!!

What is your heart facing? Are you buried by the burden, overwhelmed by the task? Are internal voices overshadowing the voice of the Almighty?

Today, rather than rehearse your strengths or strain to succeed, let your heart breathe deeply and your soul settle with this promise: He is with You! 💕

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