• Donna Amidon

On Mother's Day: 7 Things Every Mom Must Remember

Recently, I attended an outdoor baby shower for a new mom in our neighborhood. As a memento for the new mom, we filled out an "Advice for the Mom-to-Be" notecard. I confess, completing cards like this in the past has neither stirred my heart nor been an emotional process.

But this time was different.

I suppose that during this time of worldwide crisis, I'm in a different state. Mothering these last few months has made me feel the stretch and pull of what a mother willingly sacrifices for her children. I guess you might feel the same way.

As I filled out the card, I was surprisingly moved and refreshed by the process. And so on this Mother's Day, I want to simply share my answers, not necessarily as advice (because who wants that?) but as a refreshing reminder and encouragement to us all:

  • Say goodbye to…Sleep Isn't this your answer? Whether our children are in the crib or another country, there's part of a mama's heart that wakes at night, wondering about our children and praying for their provision, protection, and peace.

  • Say Hello to… An ability to love you didn't know you had. No doubt, a mother's love cannot be calculated or quantified. It gives when nothing is left and pours out even when on empty. Still, a mother's surging love for her children and feelings of fulfillment compare to nothing in this life.

  • Always… Talk to God about your children. Pastor/author Mark Batterson says, “Make sure your heavenly Father hears about your kids daily!” Though I cannot control every aspect of my children's lives, I rest in the fact that I've covered their path in prayer.

  • Never… Feel like you're alone. Often, we find ourselves flying solo, but God has promised His presence is with us. And because of His church, we are joined and strengthened by other like-minded women in the journey.

  • It's okay if you… Feel sad/cry. The selfless giving of a mother is both exhausting and emotional. Emotions, particularly for us gals, are real and should be released! To keep those emotions in check, I balance them with consistent prayer, godly counsel, and of course, time in God's Word.

  • Remember to… Make time for yourself. Regardless of our stage or season, we must regularly refresh ourselves: body, soul, AND spirit. And yes, that means treating yourself at some extra time in your happy place (especially today!).

  • Enjoy…Each day. Our sweet Charity enters high school this year. How could it be? Wasn't she just crawling around the house, squeezing Cheerios in her hand, and learning to ride her bike?

Though the days feel long and the burdens sit heavily, may we, together on this Mother's Day, have hearts that truly treasure the greatest gifts we have on this earth -- our families.

Happy Mother's Day!

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