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Waiting on God? How to Grow in Faith as You Wait

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Is there something you're trusting God for? A prayer you want answered? A promise you long to see fulfilled?

If you're like me, you believe, but before long, weariness and fatigue set in. You want to be full of faith, yet doubt and discouragement become far too familiar.

You wonder, Are things ever going to change? Will God come through?

I awoke with similar doubts the other morning: praying but not believing. Worshipping, yet also worrying. Weary in the wait.

Have you been there?

While lying in bed, I remembered a verse I had not considered in years — a scripture that brought the hope I needed.

It was Paul's description of Abraham's faith in Romans 4.

If you know the story, you remember God had promised Abraham a son. But there was a problem (and a big one). Abraham was not only old, but he and his wife Sarah had experienced a lifetime of infertility.

Yet, we do not see Abraham losing heart. Romans 4:19 says Abraham "did NOT weaken or waver in faith when he considered his own body… and the barrenness of Sarah's womb."

Abraham knew his limitations. Still, his faith did not weaken.

And here's what struck me:

The text says Abraham "grew strong in faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what He promised" (Romans 4:20-21).

I love that! Abraham's faith did NOT fade or weaken in the wait. Instead, it flourished as he worshipped God!

And once I spotted that surprising detail, I knew this was what the Holy Spirit was saying to me.

God was not calling me to rehearse my frustrations and timeline again. Instead, I was to follow Abraham's example of worship and trust!

And what could have been another day of doubting and disbelief turned into getting my eyes off myself and on to worshipping Him!

What about you? Could Abraham's faith encourage your heart? What are you asking God for? Where do you long to see Him move?

Let me encourage you not to give up but to worship and pray with expectancy — fully convinced of God's faithfulness!

Know this: He will redeem the brokenness of your situation and heal the hurt you've faced. He will give you grace for the disappointment you carry. He will restore your soul. He will fulfill His promise.

God loves you. He cares for you, and He is able! 💕

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