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A Simple Question to End a Complex Year

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

For our family and perhaps yours, conversations around the dinner table this year have often centered on the heartaches and headaches of 2020: the uncertainties, complexities, and even calamities.

But for us, last night was different.

Last night, without planning or forethought, our conversation moved from complaining, to recounting the blessings, fun surprises, personal growth, and sweet memories of 2020.

And, it all began with one simple question: What are some fun memories of 2020 that stand out to you?

No surprise, memories of the pre-pandemic months were a bit of a blur. However, our walkthrough March and beyond was alive!! We took turns sharing our funniest days, sweetest surprises, memorable moments, and biggest blessings.

By the end of our simple night of spaghetti and meatballs, we had learned a few new things about each other, laughed a little more than normal, connected as a family, and most importantly, had hearts of thankfulness to God.

No planning.

Just a simple question.

Though the memories of 2020 will fade with time, I’m thankful for our night that remembered the blessings of this year -- even when our world, and I’m sure yours too, turned a bit upside down.

I hope that our sweet night encourages you to do something similar. And, it all begins with one simple question.

What are some fun memories of 2020 that stand out to you?


I'd love to hear about the blessings or lessons you have experienced this year. Visit my Facebook Page to comment 💕

Happy New Year!


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