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Hearing His Voice, Trusting His Ways

It was a story I’d read 100 times before, but this morning was different.

It was the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. And today, rather than marveling at the miracle, my eyes locked on Martha — Lazarus’ sister.

Let me set the stage: Lazarus had died, and as Jesus entered the village, Martha rushed out, crying, “Jesus, if you would have been here, Lazarus would not have died!”

During the exchange that followed, Jesus promised Martha that Lazarus would not see death, but would rise again. To these words, Martha declared, “You are the Messiah!”

Her eyes were open!

Yet, here’s what struck me. After their conversation, Jesus said to remove the stone outside Lazarus’s tomb, to which Martha replied, “Jesus, do NOT roll the stone away… there will be a stench!”

Is that odd to you?

Didn’t Martha just confess that Jesus was the Messiah? Wouldn’t He have the perfect perspective and know what was best?

But, when given a simple request by her Lord, Martha immediately doubted His directive. It was as if she said, “Jesus, I know You’re the Messiah and all, but do You really think moving the stone is the best idea? Haven't You thought this through?”

And, in the same moment I spotted Martha’s shortcomings, I saw my own.

I’ll confess that Jesus is Lord. However, when it comes to His directive, how quickly I react like Martha. I’ll think, “God, do You really think that’s the best idea? Haven't you thought this through?”

In my own rhythm of reactions, I’ll worship God’s greatness, but in the next moment, doubt His directive…as if my ways are somehow better.

Know the feeling?

Yet, I love Jesus’ response. It was neither a reprimand nor a rebuke, but a loving invitation to believe, and through believing, experience the blessing of God!

While this miracle may be the pinnacle of Jesus's ministry, the miracle of my heart this morning was that the Holy Spirit continues to refine me, revealing those areas in need of His touch.

What about you?

Today, ask yourself:

- When I sense God’s leading, how do I respond? - What does my reaction reveal about my heart? - How could my act of obedience open the door for God’s blessing in my life?

Remember, every command of Scripture and whisper of the Holy Spirit is worthy of our complete and earnest attention. God is for you. Don’t doubt His directive; trust His perspective.


Father, how quickly my heart jumps to its own solutions and forgets Your ways are best! Help me slow down, take time to listen, and trust Your ways.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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