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In Transition? 3 Things You Need to Know

Lately, I’ve talked with many people whose lives are in transition. Some have changed jobs or started new careers. Others have begun businesses, launched ministries, added to their family, or even relocated across the country!

Regardless of the transition, have you ever noticed that when we set out to do something new, we carry with it a certain expectation?

We envision how and when things will happen, what it will look like, and how we will feel.

However, when time passes and the transition does not align with our expectations, there’s a temptation to become discouraged. Our heart becomes fearful that we've made the wrong decision or God's hand is not in it. Time wears on, and we wear out!

We’re left in the miserable place of either trudging on, or worse yet, giving up!

While these feelings can be challenging, they do not need to derail us! As one who has taken her fair share of steps, stumbles, and substantial turns, I want to encourage your heart today with three things I’ve learned along the way.

God’s timing is perfect:

Though we may not realize it, we often overlay our plans with a proposed timeline. We think: By this time next year… or In 6 months, I’ll...

But if you've ever done anything for God, you've learned that His timing is rarely swift or straightforward. Still, our timeline must be continually surrendered to His perfect timing.

It will look different than you think:

Just as we anticipate a timeline, it's easy (and healthy) to envision how things will turn out.

Yet, God often compels us in a particular direction, only to fulfill His plan in unanticipated ways. For that reason, dreams must not be gripped tightly but rather cradled with open hands.

God’s plan is the best plan:

While it’s easy to question the timing and unexpected turns, peace begins as we remember that God has orchestrated every event surrounding our step of faith.

His plan may not be our plan, but His plan is the best plan!

What desire has God put in YOUR heart? Are you in transition? Have you been disappointed by the delay? Are you tempted to give up?

Would it help your heart to know that you’re not alone in God‘s holy waiting room, and that He longs for your heart to be secured by His love and sovereign care? Remember:

His timing is perfect.

It will look different than you think.

God‘s plan is the best plan.


Father, my heart often feels weary by the unexpected delays and lack of progress. I give You this dream of _______________, and ask You to show Yourself strong. I confess my trust in You and choose to embrace You in the process. Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and faith to obey – for Your glory.

In Jesus name, Amen. 💕


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