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Overwhelmed by Life? Take Time to Rest

2022 started strong… until about day nine.

It was a Sunday afternoon. My husband was watching soccer, and the kids were texting with friends. Meanwhile, I was doing my best to organize the house for the upcoming week, including a deep clean of the kitchen and vacuuming the stairs.

As I rounded the last stretch of stairs, I caught a glimpse of my family, relaxing in the living room. And as I did, I felt an immediate tinge of frustration and resentment.

I’m doing too much, I thought. When do I get a break?

Perhaps you can relate!

As I finished the stairs and started to my next task, a familiar verse came to my mind: “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

And what struck me that afternoon was the extent of Jesus’ invitation: Come to me ALL you who are weary.

ALL! The man, the woman, the CEO, the business owner, the teacher, shift worker, homemaker, doctor, retiree.

ALL come to Me!

Why? Because regardless of your season of life, source of income, salary, or status, we ALL need rest!!

If you’re like me, you may feel you don’t have time to rest. But this year I’m learning it will get done. And if it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to ask for help or let some things go!

So if you've begun this year feeling tired, overcome by stress, and unable to keep the pace, know that God has something different for you. And, it begins with creating regular rhythms of REST!!

Ask yourself:

- Am I taking intentional time to rest my body and mind?

- How can I start incorporating regular and refreshing times of rest into every week?

- How would being rested affect my everyday life?

- How would it impact my mood? My relationships? My productivity? My peace?

And as you think through these questions, remember this: whatever's driving you to strain or succeed can be replaced by the fact that YOU are loved by God! Your worth does not stem from work.

So, for 2022: Work hard and live a life of passion and productivity? Absolutely!!

And take time to REST! 💕


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