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Seeking God and Stepping Out: What's the Dream of Your Heart?

Last weekend, my family and I enjoyed attending a popular Christmas event called the Bethlehem Walk.

As we pulled into the busy parking lot, I was unexpectedly overcome with emotion when the thought struck me:

Everything I was about to experience -- the actors, the animals, songs, set design -- all originated in the heart of one man or woman as they were seeking God.

Into that surrendered heart, God deposited the events of this night in seed form. And, rather than dismiss the thought, this person mixed it with faith, sought God for clarity, and stepped out in obedience.

And now, my family and countless others can experience the joy of this unforgettable experience.

One person.

One encounter with God.

One obedient heart.

The blessing of God.

Beyond that night being an inspiring start to the Christmas season, God used it as an invaluable reminder. Remove distractions, get alone with God, and ask Him to reveal His heart.

Life is busy. Excuses are easy. Daily demands too easily overshadow the necessity and joy of the eternal. Still, we must stay surrendered to His Spirit with a readiness to hear and obey His directive. For it is one of life’s greatest joys!

Has God put an idea or dream in your heart? How are you responding? Have you dismissed it, or are you moving forward in faith? What’s the next step you need to take?

Know this: God is with you. He is for you. His Spirit and presence are in you, and He wants to use YOU!

Our world needs Jesus more than ever. So today, may we posture ourselves to hear His voice and obediently follow His directive, big or small. 💕


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