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So You're Thinking about Homeschooling? 5 Things to Consider

Many moms have been asking the question, “Should I homeschool this Fall?” And with such an uncertain future, the question has never been more prevalent! As someone newer to homeschool, I’ve enjoyed exploring this option with other moms.

This is not a comprehensive list, but here’s what I’ve been sharing:

  • Know the decision is not permanent. Every family goes through seasons -- and flexibility is key. For our family, there have been years when public school is just what we needed, and now homeschooling is the right fit. I’m convinced that life is best lived by embracing the season.

  • When it comes to homeschool, community is key. Our first year of homeschool happened during a job transition and cross country move. Whew! While circumstances forced us into isolation, that year taught me a valuable lesson: homeschooling is a community effort! Since then, I’ve learned to find a group where I’m not afraid to ask questions, share my struggles, and solicit help!

  • Do I have the support of my husband? This is critical. By support, I do not mean the instruction itself. But, does your husband believe in this with you? Will he be a voice of encouragement when you’re ready to give up? Will he sacrifice with you?

  • Be prepared for a challenge. Few people on the planet would say homeschooling is easy. Regardless of age, family dynamic, or curriculum, the demand on a homeschool mom is REAL (and I only have 2 kids!)

  • Know ‘why’ you desire to homeschool. A friend of mine has a sign in her home that reads, Heaven not Harvard. It’s a reminder that rigorous curriculum and academic perfection are not the top priority. The primary reason I homeschool is to instill a deep love and knowledge of God in my kids - to teach them to seek His kingdom, and love His people.

Do I sometimes feel like my life has been put on hold by homeschooling my kids? Honestly, yes. Yet, I would have it no other way. In this season, there’s nothing sweeter than sharing life and learning with them through the lens of God’s love. Know my intent is not to glamorize homeschooling. For us, many days are rough and raw. Still, like a farmer who places his hands in the dirt, tends to the soil, and takes care of his crop, I pray we would always cultivate the best environment in which our kids can grow.

And, if homeschooling is not your path, that’s okay, too. The majority of our children’s education has been in public schools, and we think they are pretty amazing!!

Truly, mothering is one humble step at a time, trusting God’s guidance, and seeking His wisdom every day!

Praying God helps you in your decision. Hugs!

What are YOUR thoughts about homeschool? Is it something you already do? Something you would NEVER do? Or something you are considering? Comment on this post at Facebook: Ignite the Heart. I'd love your thoughts!


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