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Stressed by the Chaos? 3 Simple Words to Settle Your Soul

It was another day of my new normal. I awake, my feet hit the floor, and I whisper a prayer that today will be better than yesterday. As I walk through the house, I see piles of laundry to be folded, dishes still on the counter, and paper stacks of ‘homeschool’ work not yet complete.

I walk into the office. And rather than picking up my phone to scroll, I choose to do what the faith in my heart leads me to do.

Bow to my knees and pray.

And as I begin to pray, three words come to my heart: three words whispered by the Holy Spirit, guiding me to what I should ask from the Father.

The words: Peace. Perspective. Pace.

  • Peace: The awareness of His comforting and empowering presence with me, regardless of my circumstance. Not natural peace, supernatural. Not as the world gives. Only as Christ supplies.

  • Perspective: A vantage point that this temporary trial is no surprise to God, and ALL (yes ALL), things will work for His glory and my good. It’s a perspective that does not condemn my human weaknesses but lavishes love, which draws me closer to Him. It is a perspective that no longer fixates on my needs, but extends love to others.

  • Pace: The projects. The to-do lists. The deadlines. They will rest, and so will I. This new pace reminds me that my identity is in neither accomplishment nor human accolades. Rather, this pace can be summed up in one word: Love. Loving my husband. Loving my kids. And loving those in need. It’s a refreshing pace: one that brings life and I pray does not fade.

And now, I hear the stirring of my ‘early bird’ boy upstairs, so I begin the day. May these three words and His presence carry you, as I'm confident they will carry me!

"Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you REST." - Jesus Matthew 11:28

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1 Comment

Mar 19, 2020

What a timely reminder! I appreciate these 3 God-sent focal points; I will bear them in mind as I keep my heart open to the Spirit's leading during these trying times. Thank you for your insights!

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