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Trying to Do Too Much? Be Who God Has Called You to Be

If there was one word that could sum up how I’d been feeling, it was exhausted.

Though it may not have been apparent from the outside, scratch the surface a bit, and you’d see a girl who was tuckered out!

Yet, here’s what was so odd.

Though my life was consumed by activity, part of me felt like what I was doing was not enough.

Isn’t my life full? Shouldn't I be content? I’d say to console myself. But despite my reasoning, I still felt an unexplainable need to do more and be more.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way: pulled, stretched, busy, yet struggling to feel like you’re enough.

Rather than focusing on life’s blessings, you fixate on deficits and delays. Not only that, exhaustion leaves you unable to enjoy the good things you’ve been given!

But earlier this week, something happened as I was studying John 4. While reading, a familiar phrase leaped off the page, settled my soul, and brought the perspective I needed.

The phrase? The Father seeks those who worship Him (John 4:23).

And while the simplicity of this thought comforted me, I was captured by what the text did not say:

God is not seeking people of perfection, achievement, or success. He’s not seeking perfect marriages, perfect children, or perfect-looking people. Degrees, awards, or social media stars are not on His search list.

He simply seeks worshipers.

As I continued pondering the verse, I was struck by a profound realization. In the silence of my bedroom, I confessed aloud:

The person I’m striving to be is not who God has called me to become.

Why is this realization so critical? Because if we’re not careful, we become entangled by the belief that says, I must do more. I must be more. Our internal narrative wonders, Am I enough? How does my life compare?

Rather than resting in our value as His son or daughter, we strive and strain to succeed, forgetting that His heart seeks something, or rather someone, far different — worshipers.

Let me ask you: Are you overwhelmed? Trying to do too much? Discontent because you feel as if you should do or be more?

Could it be that the person you are striving to be is not who God has called you to become?

What if you took this week, this day, or even this moment to catch God’s heart, not through achievement or success, but by reflecting on His goodness and giving Him praise?

Today, know peace by slowing down the pace and pursuits, and focus on being a worshiper who God has called you to be.

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18 de set. de 2021

I think we so very often need to be reminded to slow down, be still, stop comparing, and just reflect...on God's loving presence and the immense, profound treasure we have in Him. Restlessness often keeps me moving, striving, and forgetting to be still. Thank you, Donna, for your transparency and for sharing this important reminder with us.

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