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Fresh Focus for 20/20: 3 Steps to Keep You Moving Forward


It's what the athlete needs for the winning goal. It's what the musician needs to perform with precision. And it's what we desperately needed when we drove our first car!

With the New Year comes a fresh focus. While we may have our own ideas, I've discovered the best way to approach the New Year is to quiet ourselves and prayerfully consider what our focus could be.

In 2019, my focus was 'thoughtful.' It was a year of focusing less on self and being more thoughtful in my interactions with others. Another year was "prayer," and another was "contentment." Another year was "rest"--- and that was a great year!

Having a focus word has been my habit for over ten years! It has become a regular and joyful dynamic in my everyday life. It's the lens through which I make decisions and spend time. It provides momentum and keeps me growing closer to Jesus.

What's more? It frees me from the comparison trap! When tempted to compare my progress with others, I think, "What they're doing is great, but I'll stay true to my focus."

What if you chose a focus for 2020? What's that area of your life that needs God's touch? What's one change you could make to benefit you or those around you? Or what could bring significant growth to your relationship with God?

What comes to mind?

Here are three steps to help you move forward:

· Keep Your Focus Kingdom Focused: This is not about business building or a beach body. It's about opening yourself to what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart.

· Keep Your Focus Biblically Based: Once you have your focus, study what the Bible says about that topic. Make that word a part of your study this year.

· Share Your Focus with Others: Don't hide the beautiful work God is doing in your heart. Tell a friend and connect with each other throughout the year.

Having a focus word isn't another self-help trick, or an attempt to be good enough. It's opening your life to God's love and letting Him transform you into who HE wants you to be.

Ready for a fresh focus in 20/20?

What will your word be?

I'd LOVE to know YOUR focus word! Share it in the comments of this post on Facebook:

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Jan 07, 2020

I really like the idea of having a God-guided focus word for various times and seasons in life. I find that life's distractions (e.g., comparisons with others) often come at me quickly and blur my vision of what God is working to accomplish in me. The reminder to keep my eyes on Him and His work is invaluable. Thank you, Donna!

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