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Biblical Perspectives: Pray More, Worry Less

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

The other day, I did a study of the word “anxious” in the New Testament. To my surprise, I discovered a common thread. In almost every reference, anxiety is paired with its antidote — prayer!!

  • -To the church in Philippi, Paul says, “Do not be ANXIOUS.” He continues by saying that peace comes by giving our REQUESTS to God (a picture of prayer).

  • -In Luke 11, Jesus told Martha she was worried and ANXIOUS about many things. What was His remedy? Sitting at the feet of Jesus (a picture of prayer).

  • -In the sermon on the mount, Jesus said, “Do not be ANXIOUS” three times in just a few verses. What was His remedy for the anxious heart? ASK and it shall be given (a picture of prayer).

At first, “pray more, worry less” may feel like an oversimplified answer to our anxious heart. But in it, I see an invitation from our Heavenly Father to slow down, bring our requests to Him, and live in a place of peace.

So take time, weary one, to give your burdens to Christ. And let your heart find rest.

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