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When Anxiety Overwhelms: Rise Above Feelings and Rest in Faith

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I think most of us have those days from time to time: days of being gripped by anxiety and void of God’s peace.

It had been one of those days for me, so I decided to step outside for fresh air and a walk. To settle my mind, I began praying through the Lord’s Prayer, using each line to focus my prayer time.

When I got to the line, Your will be done, I regressed back to rehearsing all my stress... AGAIN! But then, something happened the Spirit of God intercepted my thoughts with His truth.

I thought to myself....“I’m praying, Your will be done. But is being weighed down by stress really God’s will for me? Is God’s will accomplished through my anxiety? Is it His will for me to feel overwhelmed and run down by life?

No. No, it’s not.

And with that thought, I began praying for His will of PEACE - a peace that comes through casting my cares on Him, asking for the things I need, and resting in His strength.

When the walk ended, I entered the house and as I did, I sensed a change -- not in my home, but in my heart. My burden was lighter, my laughs were a little louder, and my love was a little stronger.

I can’t begin to imagine everything Jesus was communicating when He taught His disciples to say, Your will be done.

But one thing I know -- I’m going to view that line differently.

Praying Your will be done forces me to slow down and ask: Is my attitude, mood, and emotions in line with Your will? Am I walking in Your provision of peace -- casting every care at Your feet and leaving it there?

Or do I feel like I'm too busy to pray? Do I give my burdens to You, only to pick them up again?

Praying Your will be done means that despite the battles we face, God’s will is peace, not panic. Faith, not fear. Rest, not stress!

Make this your prayer today:

Father, thank you that Your will for my heart today is rest and peace. I will not be a victim of my mind’s racing thoughts and fears -- for Your will contains more! Today, may my attitude and emotions be reflective of Your will. May I walk in Your provision and care, casting every care at Your feet and leaving it there. So I pray, “Your will be done.”

In Jesus' Name, Amen💕


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