• Donna Amidon

Understanding Anger and How to Let It Go

Updated: May 25, 2019

It had been another looooong day with my two young children. As sweet as they are, afternoons were challenging. I had a good friend tell me that at 3 PM her kids go crazy, and at 5 PM, SHE goes crazy!

I could certainly identify.

It was at the height of craziness when my husband walked through the door. Trying to be as pleasant as possible, I greeted him. . . . but no more than a few seconds later the kids did something to aggravate me and with frustration, gritted teeth, and extreme conviction, I uttered:

“They make me SO ANGRY!!”

I was at the end of my rope! My husband gave me a reassuring hug and went upstairs to change his clothes which was his normal routine.

As I stood at the kitchen sink preparing the evening meal, I felt as if God showed me something very interesting about myself and this situation.

It was as if He spoke to my heart and said, “Donna, your kids are not making you angry… The anger is already a part of your heart and their actions simply bring it to the surface. Know that only I can change your heart, so give your heart to me.”

The busyness of the moment was stilled by His truth.

It was so clear: Their actions were stirring up something that was already there.

Something only God could remedy.

Something only accomplished by the Spirit of God.

In that moment, with the kids playing in the background and my dinner preparations in full swing, I paused and confessed, “God, forgive me. Take my heart. I release this anger to you.”

I am not sure what God did in my heart at that moment, but I am convinced He heard my prayer. His truth had truly flooded my heart and my only choice was to release God to do His work in me.

And now, there are certainly moments of frustration when things do not go as I would like. But the anger, gritted teeth, and frustration with its flaming reactions no longer defines who I am.

What about you?

Could you pray, “God, my anger reveals a heart in desperate need of Your touch. Only You can change me. Forgive me and begin a deep work in my heart.”

This powerful prayer is one I continue to pray and encourage you to do the same. You and those closest to you will see a beautiful transformation.

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

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