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One Simple Step to Effective Prayer

I’m not one for quick fixes.

But today I might be.

It’s a simple principle I discovered in Jesus’ instruction to the disciples about prayer.

Luke 11:2a: "He [Jesus] said to them, ‘When you pray, say. . .'”

Let’s pause here: Jesus’ instruction to the disciples implied that prayer was spoken.

I am not saying that every prayer needs to be spoken. Powerful prayers are often whispered or silent. . . I don’t know about you, but my silent prayers often convert from communication with God to task lists, home decorating ideas, meal planning, and the family calendar!!

Can you relate?

But Jesus said, “When you pray, say.

I’ll never forget how I felt when I first prayed out loud. There I was, in my bedroom by myself.

I began to open my mouth and talk out loud to God. Though the first few sentences felt awkward and I received a concerning look from our puppy, I was quickly convinced that speaking prayer out loud is POWERFUL!!

When we speak out loud, it engages more of our being into the prayer. Not only is the mind thinking, but the lips are moving, the voice is sounding, and the ears are hearing!!

It brings us into an immediate awareness of God’s presence.

Speaking prayer awakens our expectation that God not only hears our prayer (which is amazing), but He WILL respond.

Think with me: Why else would I be speaking unless Someone was in the room to listen?

What about you: Does your heart long to connect with God during prayer and you're not sure where to begin? Take a step and speak out loud to Him today.

He's there. He's listening.

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14 juil. 2018

My prayers this morning were verbal instead of silent. In the busyness of life I forget to slow down and focus. Thank you for your desire to help us to have a closer relationship with our Creator!

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